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    Harry Wilson - United States

    Harry Wilson

    Born: October 28, 1908, Illinois, USA

    Died: January 1973, Richland, Illinois, USA

    Enshrined: 1988

    Category: Leader


    Throughout his lifetime Harry Wilson dedicated his life to the sport of volleyball. Born in December of 1908, he was known around the World as Mr. Volleyball and his various positions reflect his title.

    Wilson led the Hollywood YMCA team in twelve National Championships between 1948 and 1964. He also coached the 1964 Men's Olympic Team, the Pan-Am Games Team in 1955, 1959 and 1963, and the men's World Championship team in 1956.

    He became a member of the USVBA Board of Directors in 1941, a position that he held until 1973, which led to him becoming the vice-president from 1953 to 1969 and then President from 1969 to 1971. He was also an active member of the Federation Internationale de Volleyball for fifteen years.

    Wilson was the recipient of every major award recognized by the USVBA including the Frier Award in 1968, the Official Emeritus in 1968, and Leader in Volleyball in 1947, the first year of the award.

    Wilson was the founding editor of the National Volleyball Review in 1940, the sports main news source. This operation grew into the International Volleyball Review in 1947 and he remained as editor until his death in 1973.

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